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DPRG: Control via PalmPilot

Subject: DPRG: Control via PalmPilot
From: Coron, Bill BCoron at rudolphtech.com
Date: Fri Aug 27 07:45:44 CDT 1999

Hey folks, I'm almost finished writing a program for my palm pilot allowing
it to send and receive commands to and from my robots via the serial link.

It's not meant to be a controller so much as to coordinate motions and
monitor sensor feedback.  For instance, my hexapod is the first robot I'm
building completely from scratch.  I will need to experiment with
coordinating the servo motors in order to define what an actual "step"
consists of for the little guy before I can code it into the bot's program.
Also, I can monitor IR, switch, and sonar readings to determine the accuracy
of the sensors.

I figured it would be a lot easier to have a tethered/configurable control
pad to work with instead of constantly reprogramming the MCU every time I
wanted to test different motions.

If anyone is interested I can send them the source code.  It requires
PocketC for the palm pilot which is shareware.

Bill Coron
bcoron at nac.net


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