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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but there's a great book that
will give you some insight into the problem of mapping an area not known
a priori ("known before").  It's called Artificial Intelligence and Mobile
Robots -- Case Studies of Successful Robot Systems; Edited by David
Kortenkamp, R. Peter Bonasso and Robin Murphy; Published by MIT Press.

Sebastian Thrun has done some interesting work in mapping and navigation.
"Map Learning and High-Speed Navigation in RHINO" is a good example of the
papers he's published.

Sebastian's Homepage is:


That's I great book as well, it gives a lot of different methods of
aided navigation that are cheap and easy.  It also has great references
for everything.  BTW is there a club FAQ of best books to read, my current
list is.

 Books I have actually Read:

    Sensors for Mobile Robots by Everett - Simple the best technical book
    I have ever read.  Unbelievable scope and detail in one place, it
    was also an easy read.

    Behavior Based Robotics by Arkin -- Very good book for complex subject
    though I wanted some more detail and maybe some problems.

    Artificial Life by Steven Levey- Not quite a robot book, but its a
    great book.  It is somewhat optimistic about the immediate future of

    Mobile Robots : Inspiration to Implementation by : Jones, Joseph
     Anita M./Seiger, Bruce A.
     A pretty good book with lots of circuits though it is tied very closely
to the
     rug warrior design.  I also thought it very 68hc11 oriented to the
point of
     blindiness at some points

    Artifical Intelligence and Mobile Robots - Great source of concepts if
    detail on how the best in the business do things.

 Books I have and haven't read yet, but were highly recommended.

    The Art of Electronics by Horowitz, and Hill - overwhelmly listed as one
of the
    best electronics books around, warning it is definitely a colledge level

    Mechnical Devices for the Electronic Experimentor- Highly recommended.

    The Robot Builder's Bonanza. 99 Inexpensive Robotic Projects

    Practical Robotics- By Davies

    Artifical Intelligence A Modern Approach by Russell and Norvig- Large
number of reccomendations
    from multiple sources. Colledge Level Text

    Modern Control Engineering By Ogata - Highly recommended, colledge level

Books that have mixed reviews, but unique information.

   Machines that Walk, The Adaptive Suspension Vehicle - A MIT book that has
the actual
   equation and math to make your robot balance and walk.  It maybe graduate

Two other great sources that have the advantage of being FREE

MIT Robotics lab list of papers.

and Ga Techs Mobile Robotic Lab list of papers by each professor.

These two sites can easily make a state of the art book for free.

I sure there are other lists, but I just gave mine to start the


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