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DPRG: OS-9 anyone?

Subject: DPRG: OS-9 anyone?
From: James Brown-rdsn jim_brown at adc.com
Date: Fri Aug 27 08:54:57 CDT 1999

"Reynolds, T C (Craig), SITS" wrote:
> Yes,
> I had access to a laser color printer I was repairing. Unfortunately I can't
> make
> the Kid-A-Around this year, but if you need another poster, I might be able
> to
> 'break', er, I mean, do maintenance on another printer. I also have a photo
> color inkjet at home to use. If there are particular pix, you could email
> them
> to me.
> Craig

Yep, anything you could come up with would be great.  I
remember many kids looked it over really well, including
some of us older kids.  There's lots of pics on the dprg web
site.  I don't have any pictures in particular.  No stress,
though, just if you have time to do it and don't mind doing it.

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