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DPRG: Need a license for GIF images on website?

Subject: DPRG: Need a license for GIF images on website?
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Sun Aug 29 12:49:08 CDT 1999

Kipton Moravec wrote:

> I was looking at the following link after it was brought up on NTLUG.
> http://corp2.unisys.com/LeadStory/lzwfaq.html
> The way I understand it, Unisys has the patent for the LZW compression
> algorithm that everyone is using for GIF, TIFF-LZW, PDF, and
> Postscript(?). You may need a $1500 license from Unisys to have GIF
> images on your website. It does not matter if you created the GIF image
> on a properly licensed program or not.
> Is this the way everyone else reads it too?
> We use JPG and GIF images on our website. We may want to convert
> everything to JPG.

This is trash... Yes, Unisys wants $1500 licenses, but given that they
haven't tried to enforce this until near the end of their patent, most
people think it would be laughed out of court. It's no more than petty
bullying under the idle threat of a lawsuit. My suggestion is to ignore it
unless they ask for a license fee, in which case we can simply remove all
GIF's immediately and pay nothing. But it seems to me that to give in to
this kind of lousy business is almost irresponsible.

I wish PNG would become more popular... It's much better than both GIF and
JPEG on nearly all accounts (not to mention that it's not patented), but
it is not widely supported.

Shrivel up and die Unisys!!!

- -Reeves

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