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DPRG: check for shirts

Subject: DPRG: check for shirts
From: Coron, Bill BCoron at rudolphtech.com
Date: Mon Aug 30 15:50:44 CDT 1999

I must have missed the final decisions on the shirts.  Is it too late to
order a large?

If so, how much will it cost + shipping to NJ?

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Subject: DPRG: check for shirts


I need a check for the T-Shirts!

I talked with Angel at W & W Silkscreen and she says the total 
is $481.97.  Please make a check out for said amount to W & W

The Shirts were a great price!

	40 shirts total.
	33 S,M,L,XL were $10.50 each
	7 XXL were $13.50 each
	Shipping was $10.56
	tax was around $30 bucks.

This was a better price than last year I believe!!!

I ordered mostly XL size & 7 XXL size.
There's just 2 each of sm & med, and just a few L size.

Angela at W&W said we should have them sometime tomorrow!!!

When can I get the check from you and where could we meet?
Or if you want I can give you the address and you can mail it.

I think like last year, we should charge a little extra for
the shirts to cover the few that might not sell.  So my recommendation
is to sell the regular shirts for $13.00 and the XXL for $15.00.

FYI:  I'd be happy to mail the T-Shirts to those who want
	for a couple of bucks extra for shipping.

As soon as I get them, I'll take a picture and post it on the

I'll bet they'll go fast!

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