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DPRG: check for shirts

Subject: DPRG: check for shirts
From: Jim Brown jim_brown at adc.com
Date: Mon Aug 30 16:43:47 CDT 1999

"Coron, Bill" wrote:
> I must have missed the final decisions on the shirts.  Is it too late to
> order a large?
> If so, how much will it cost + shipping to NJ?

Not too late.  Probably a couple of bucks for shipping will do it.
I think the shirts will be $13 for XL & smaller & $15 for XXL since
they cost us a couple of dollars extra.

You can send a check made out to "DPRG" to:
	Jim Brown
	2326 Phoenix
	Garland TX 75040-4384
Please include your address.

I guess we ought to keep track of these in case we run out too soon.
I guess if we were to sell out to fast we could always make more.

Jim Brown:	XL
Bill James: 	XL
James Vroman: 	XL
Bill Coron:	L  + $2 to NJ
Jim Frye:	XL + $2 to IL (I think he said he wanted one)

Actually I don't remember at the moment the distribution of
sizes that I ordered.  I think was something like:

2 Small
2 Medium
7 Large
22 XL

Something like that.  I think last year we found the sizes run
a little on the small size, so you'll have to compensate by getting
the next size up.  XL was ok for me, L was ok for Roger, so that might
help you estimate the size you'll need to get.  I think
there were a few who wanted XXL and we ran out too quickly, so this
year we I upped it to 7 instead of 4 and got less Larges since there
were larges left over last time.

FYI:  Members get first dibs on shirts!

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