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DPRG: B2Bot update.

Subject: DPRG: B2Bot update.
From: Jerromey burton cartoonchnl at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Aug 30 19:16:51 CDT 1999

Hope I'm not butting in James? ,but I'm about to goto my first meeting
on Sept. 11 assuming anyone's welcome.. and just wanted to let you know
I do sheetmetal work for a living, signs at the moment and have access
to .040 and .063 aluminum and a wide variety of machinery.. such as a
break-press, shear, aluminum welding(heliarc) etc. I'd like to exchange
my time of labor for maybe a little of your knowledge of robots ...(In
laymen's terms please.) I've been building computers for about six
years and doing sheetmetal work for 10, figured  I might fit in
somewhere with robots.. Hope to hear from you...


   P.S. I asummed you are james with the cyclops

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