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DPRG: check for shirts

Subject: DPRG: check for shirts
From: Alan Bredon abredon at imagin.net
Date: Mon Aug 30 23:31:35 CDT 1999

I got dibs on an XXL.  I wonder if I should talk to the ACLU about size
discrimination!  Why should skinny people get to pay less??  And don't
give me the rhetoric about material costs, everybody knows that T-shirts
are made from $.10 worth of chinese cotton!  :-)

Alan Bredon

Jim Brown wrote:
> Barry:
> I need a check for the T-Shirts!

> I think like last year, we should charge a little extra for
> the shirts to cover the few that might not sell.  So my recommendation
> is to sell the regular shirts for $13.00 and the XXL for $15.00.


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