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DPRG: check for shirts

Subject: DPRG: check for shirts
From: Wade A Smith warm38 at juno.com
Date: Tue Aug 31 05:20:54 CDT 1999

OK, I want one L sent to Flour-dough.
So it's 13+2=$15.  I'll get the "boss" to
make sure "the Czech is in the male".

>Not too late.  Probably a couple of bucks for shipping will do it.
>I think the shirts will be $13 for XL & smaller & $15 for XXL since
>they cost us a couple of dollars extra.
>You can send a check made out to "DPRG" to:
>	Jim Brown
>	2326 Phoenix
>	Garland TX 75040-4384
>Please include your address.

>FYI:  Members get first dibs on shirts!

It pays to be a member.  8-)

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