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DPRG: OS-9 anyone?

Subject: DPRG: OS-9 anyone?
From: Michael E. Shimniok shimniok at ix.netcom.com
Date: Tue Aug 31 10:08:12 CDT 1999

At 09:26 PM 8/26/99 -0500, Robert Singleton wrote:
>Out of the box, as it were, no. There is a bunch of customized
>extensions forming a package called RT-LINUX where it is essentially
>Linux running in single user mode with the kernel optimized for real
>time activity.

The way it works is that it runs a realtime kernel which, when it isn't
doing anything else, calls up the standard Linux kernel.  Interrupts
are handled by RT-Linux and passed along as necessary to Linux.  That
is, if you get an interrupt, RT-Linux handles it--either calling a
realtime handler, or passing it along to Linux if it is not a realtime
related interrupt.  When Linux disables interrupts what it is actually
doing is at a software level; interrupts continue to be handled by
the RT-Linux kernel, never interrupted.

I'm looking forward to trying it if I ever get to that point one day...

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