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DPRG: hacking a RS speech recorder for multiple phrases?

Subject: DPRG: hacking a RS speech recorder for multiple phrases?
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Tue Feb 2 23:10:18 CST 1999

Roger Arrick wrote:

> Radio shack sells a speech record/playback kit for about 20$
> which does 20 sec I think.  Apparently 1 phrase only.  The
> PCB has a chip on board and doesn't look like it has extra
> pins that could be address lines.  Does anyone know if this
> unit can be made to do multiple phrases by toggling the
> play or record button in a certain way?  Maybe to speed up
> the clock up to a certain point, then make it speak normal,
> then speed up the clock beyond then rest?
> I don't want a chip that will do this, I want to buy a
> kit that has everything on a PCB.
> This will be an appnote for ARobot.
> Roger.

Couldn't you just mount several chips on a PCB with some simple
electronics to select a phrase based on a digital input? Then again, who
wants to pay $100 to make a robot speak 4 or 5 phrases...

Rat Shack is pretty good about letting you open packages in the store.
They've done that for me in the past when I wasn't sure which fuse my
multimeter needed or I needed the specs on a piezo buzzer. I'm sure
they'd let you take a look at the data sheet.

I'd like that store if it wasn't so damn expensive... And I'd like
Tanner if they weren't on the other side of the city from where I live

- -Reeves

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