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DPRG: Stuff for sale

Subject: DPRG: Stuff for sale
From: Sean Jones shain at noln.com
Date: Thu Feb 4 22:18:18 CST 1999


A friend of mine just sent me info on some stuff he has for sale,  Here's the list

68HC11A1FN $6
68HC811E2     $9
*Has quanties of about 40 combined of the above,  some dip and plcc packages
Fully Populated Bot Board 1 $12
Fully Populated Bot Board 2 $30
Basic Stamp 1 $20
Carrier Boards $8
* has 20 of them
2x16 serial lcd $30
4x20 serial lcd $60

Please send inquiries to my persona mail address at shain at noln.com
Thanks,  grab some of this stuff up
- - Shain


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