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DPRG: RPL Loose end

Subject: DPRG: RPL Loose end
From: Ralph Tenny rten at polaris.nstar.net
Date: Fri Feb 5 11:43:39 CST 1999

Low Dropout Voltage Regulators (LDO) were mentioned during one
conversation, with some concerns about their standby current. For the
record: dropout voltage is the difference between input and output
voltages; standby current is current used by the circuit, independent of
the regulated current.

I have purchased LM2931 units from Tanners; I don't remember the price
except that I thought it was neighborly.  The LM2931AZ-5 is a fixed 5 v.
unit with maximum dropout 0.6 v at 100 ma, greater than 100 ma. output,
and maximum standby current (over full temperature range) less than one


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