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DPRG: microcontroller + ethernet card?

Subject: DPRG: microcontroller + ethernet card?
From: Daniel Herrington Daniel.Herrington at nsc.com
Date: Fri Feb 5 16:36:35 CST 1999

Has anyone considered/tried interfacing a cheap $10 ISA ethernet card
to a microcontroller instead of a PC?  This would be a great way to
add networked devices in your house.  I know an ethernet interface has
been made with a PIC (in Circuit Cellar INK), but that solution seems
pretty restrictive, since the software to perform the ethernet
protocol in the PIC probably takes most of the available memory, and
it's not a very portable design across different microcontrollers that
operate at much lower frequencies.  Also, it seems like the code would 
be pretty "tweaky", meaning you'd have to work at getting just the
right timing in order not to interfere with other devices on the

   Daniel Herrington


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