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DPRG: Draft Contest Rules

Subject: DPRG: Draft Contest Rules
From: Ed Koffeman edk at cyberramp.net
Date: Mon Feb 8 15:08:29 CST 1999

    From: Jonathan Kim <jkim at capstead.com>

    So... Are Lego Mindstorm robots qualified for the DPRG RoboRama 99a?

    Definitely, as long as they meet the overall guidelines:

    The contests are open to all DPRG members. The competing member may
enter a robot owned by a non-member. Absent members may enter their robots
as long as a member is present to act as Competitor.
    Robot Contestants must follow these guidelines:
    - they must be autonomous -- self-controlled
    - they must not rely upon human intervention during the contest except
for starting, stopping, or during emergency situations
    - they can have on-board or off-board controllers, tethers are OK
    - their dimensions must not be greater than, 48" length, 48" width, 96"
height and they must not weigh more than 300 lbs.
    - they must not inherently present a danger to humans, other
contestants, pets or property

    It'd be fairly difficult for a MindStroms robot _not_ to qualify!

    Ed Koffeman


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