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DPRG: Austin Chapter of DPRG :-)

Subject: DPRG: Austin Chapter of DPRG :-)
From: Brad Garton bgart at iadfw.net
Date: Tue Feb 9 11:40:44 CST 1999

I say we rekindle that sucker. I am closing on a house in Austin on
the 26th and would be happy to work on building up the Austin group
again.  I also hope to make the contest but I'm not sure I will have
time with the move happening about the same time.  I know some of the
guys in the previous Austin group. Maybe we can get together after the
1st week of March and come up with a plan to help restart it. There is
alot of potential contributors in the area and it would be a shame not
to take advantage of it. I also understand there are some guys in
Houston that are working on robots in a big way. Maybe we can get some
group cooperation going. 


>I live in Austin and when I checked with them about a year ago,
>the reply was something like "No, we don't have meetings anymore -
>everyone is sort of burned out."
>I now consider myself part of the "Austin chapter" of DPRG.  :-)
>And now, to really stick my neck out - I plan on entering the
>contest March 6th.  Watch for the ugliest but fastest robot 
>there!  :-)
>Any chance I could get some practice competition from anyone
>if I brought along my Firefighting 'bot (and my maze)?
>Or how about an "official" qualifer at the March or April meeting 
>for the firefighting contest:  http://www.trincoll.edu/~robot/
>			- Dan Miner  miner at centtech.com
>> Has anyone seen the Austin Group?  They have all of that 501c3/paper
>> work stuff, grants from the arts district (taxes), Even an office and 
>> employees!  Wow, what success!  Hmm, don't see much robot 
>> stuff coming 
>> out of them...  Wonder why?
>> I'm not the president, I can only encourage others to think different.
>> I know I'll probably fail.  I just hope I don't make too many enemies.
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