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Subject: DPRG: ARobot project list
From: Chris McCarley ecm004 at email.mot.com
Date: Tue Feb 9 10:18:38 CST 1999

Roger, I have a question for you as master keeper of robotic lists.

Roger Arrick wrote:

> Robot builders:
> I realize most of you don't have ARobots, but you may still
> be able to benefit from the application notes at:
>   http://www.robotics.com/arobot/projects.html
> Available in PDF and html format.  Plenty of pictures, downloadable
> code, etc.
>     Roger Arrick   -  mailto:roger at robotics.com
>     ----------------------------------------------------------------
>     Arrick Robotics  -  http://www.robotics.com
>     Step Motor Systems, Positioning Tables, Mobile Robots, Tech Info
>     ----------------------------------------------------------------
>     See ARobot for experimenters! http://www.robotics.com/arobot

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