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Subject: DPRG: ARobot project list
From: Chris McCarley ecm004 at email.mot.com
Date: Tue Feb 9 10:31:59 CST 1999

I'll try this again.  (Ignore last message please)

Where on the Web might one find suggestions on home robotic
applications?  I can find surprisingly little along the lines of
*applications* (other than the standard vacuum cleaner and lawn mowing
apps) as opposed to technology.  I figured if anyone could give me some
pointers it would be the list master himself.

I got started on this because I was trying to decide what form factor I
would use for a home robot and then I quickly realized I couldn't decide
this without defining the basic requirements for *what* it was supposed
to do.

If I can't come up with something new, I may have to fall back on the
holy grail of hobby robotics: a robot that can fetch a beer.


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