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DPRG: Austin Chapter of DPRG :-)

Subject: DPRG: Austin Chapter of DPRG :-)
From: Ed Koffeman edk at cyberramp.net
Date: Tue Feb 9 15:11:17 CST 1999

Hi, Dan.

>Any chance I could get some practice competition from anyone
>if I brought along my Firefighting 'bot (and my maze)?
>Or how about an "official" qualifer at the March or April meeting
>for the firefighting contest:  http://www.trincoll.edu/~robot/

I have (had) a FireFIghter too, and plan on entering the contest in
Shreveport this year, so yes, bring it along even for a demo or show-and

If you have a full maze, that would be great.  I only have a few walls.

We were planning on having a practice session for it anyway.

Ed Koffeman


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