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Subject: DPRG: ARobot project list
From: Dave Everett deverett at idx.com.au
Date: Tue Feb 9 15:18:01 CST 1999

At 10:31 09-02-99 -0600, you wrote:
>Where on the Web might one find suggestions on home robotic
>applications?  I can find surprisingly little along the lines of
>*applications* (other than the standard vacuum cleaner and lawn mowing
>apps) as opposed to technology.  I figured if anyone could give me some
>pointers it would be the list master himself.
Hello Chris, I run the Domestic Droids website (formerly the Mowbot site),
I think there ae very few applications for home robots that robots might
perform with quality. I myself have thought long and hard about possible
tasks and can only come up with 2, Lawnmowing and vacuuming.

I can think of plenty of things I'd _like_ a robot to do, but.....

The growth of domestic robots will most likely be as 'task specific mobile
robots' like the lawn mowing and vacuuming kind. The dream of a general
purpose domestic robot seems unlikely in the near term and if employment
continues to dry up it will never happen as human help would always be
cheaper and more effective.

>I got started on this because I was trying to decide what form factor I
>would use for a home robot and then I quickly realized I couldn't decide
>this without defining the basic requirements for *what* it was supposed
>to do.
Personally I think a circular shape of no more than 40cm is about right for
a home.

Dave Everett

Domestic Droids Website


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