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DPRG: Line Follower Conditions

Subject: DPRG: Line Follower Conditions
From: John Wadley wadleyjk at hotmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 9 21:18:37 CST 1999

Contest Committee,
   Could you post a better description of the floor coloring, line 
coloring and lighting conditions that will be available for the 
line-following contest.  Unfortunately, I've only been able to attend a 
couple of the meetings at BPI thanks to grad school.  If I recall 
correctly, the shop floor has that light grey protect coat on it and the 
lighting is dim overhead flourecents.  I'm having doubts about whether 
Low Rider (or most photodetecting robots) can detect a white tape on 
that light of a back ground even using active photo-detection.  

Assuming I recall the conditions correctly, are you planning to
  ...switch to black tape on the grey floor?
  ...stay with white tape and provide a darker floor?
  ...or is white on grey the final word on the 
     contest conditions for line-following?  

Is the lighting intesity adjustable?  

Is there a time when DPRG members can have access to the contest area at 
BPI for experimentation and dry runs between now and the contest?

Thanks and Best Regards,
    John Wadley
    DPRG Member (unless my dues are overdue)
    wadleyjk at hotmail.com

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