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DPRG: Line Follower Conditions

Subject: DPRG: Line Follower Conditions
From: Ed Koffeman edk at cyberramp.net
Date: Tue Feb 9 22:38:04 CST 1999

Hi, John.

>   Could you post a better description of the floor coloring,
So far I have found a product at HomeDepot called WeedBlock which is a very
black gardening cloth barrier that looks like we can lay it on the floor,
whether it is the hard floor or the carpet.

It is a very dull black :-)

It will have to be taped down to the floor, because otherwise it will

The only risk I can see is that it might wrinkle up frm being walked on. An
alternative might be a roll of black construction paper but I haven't found
any.  Thre are some cheap oudoor carpets but they tend to be imitation
grass, shiny and furry.

For now, you can assume black floor and regular masking tape (not the white
stuff we used before - I am afraid it will peel up and make a real mess).
This should still give good contrast, considering that the floor will now be
much more black than before.

The lighting is probably very low in infrared - very bluish vapor lamps.  I
don't think there is any control of it.

We don't actually know which room we will be using.  That is one reason we
want to at least control the floor color.

>Is there a time when DPRG members can have access to the contest area at
>BPI for experimentation and dry runs between now and the contest?

Ed Koffeman


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