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DPRG: QuickBasic, can it still be gotten legally

Subject: DPRG: QuickBasic, can it still be gotten legally
From: Alan Bredon abredon at imagin.net
Date: Wed Feb 10 08:34:56 CST 1999

Robert Singleton wrote:

> Along the same lines, I have (a pilfered from work copy of) VBDOS 1.0
> and have never seen a book on it.  Well not one published by Microsoft,
> anyway...  Anyone ever see such a critter?

I used Visual Basic for DOS (VBDOS) for several years.  It is almost equal
to QuickBasic except has windowing and event handling including mouse clicks
and stuff.  I found it most useful.  It can handle ordinary QuickBasic as
well as the VB Object Oriented Programming Stuff (OOPS) and can compile

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