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DPRG: contest floor

Subject: DPRG: contest floor
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Wed Feb 10 09:32:07 CST 1999

Howdy DPRG!

Ed Koffeman writes:

> Hi, John.

>>   Could you post a better description of the floor coloring,

> So far I have found a product at HomeDepot called WeedBlock which is a very
> black gardening cloth barrier that looks like we can lay it on the floor,
> whether it is the hard floor or the carpet.

> It is a very dull black :-)

> It will have to be taped down to the floor, because otherwise it will
> wrinkle.

> The only risk I can see is that it might wrinkle up frm being walked on. 

Will it wrinkle up when the robots are manouvering?  Seems like a cloth floor
that could slip and wrinkle under the wheels of the robots could play havoc
with dead-reckoning and similar schemes that attempt to use shaft encoder counts
to track the position of the robot.  I think we might be better off to go with
the floor we're given, and use different (black? reflective?) tape for the
line-followers if needed.

my two cents,


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