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DPRG: Line Follower Conditions

Subject: DPRG: Line Follower Conditions
From: Ralph Tenny rten at polaris.nstar.net
Date: Wed Feb 10 13:42:53 CST 1999

Haste Makes Waste!
With much on my plate today and the prospect of having to loan my car to
my wife (who works, and can't understand why I don't get more done here!)
I only rerad the first screen of the messages. So, I salute another good

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Robert Singleton wrote:

> John Wadley wrote:
> A possible compromise solution would be to lay a 3" wide or wider stripe
> of something black and a 1" white tape down the center of that or maybe
> one white tape bordered by two black tapes of the same or greater
> width.  That way, existing line detection logic could probably still be
> used and it would not cost the club so much to accomodate the line
> follower class of robots.  This double-taping would eventually cost the
> same as the plywood, but does not have nearly the storage difficulties
> and can translate to any interior venue we might present in the future.
> Robert Singleton

After seeing our contests and having participated in setup and tear-down,
and wondering how would I prepare on widely varying surfaces from room to
room at home, this is VERY doable at home! All I could add is that, if no
one has a problem with (for example) half-inch white tape on two-inch
black tape, the smaller tape would accommodate smaller-diameter curves
without too much "puckering" at the edges.


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