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DPRG: Batteries

Subject: DPRG: Batteries
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Wed Feb 10 16:46:05 CST 1999

Ralph Tenny wrote:

> I continue to watch for savings on batteries. Alkaline cells are available
> in standard and "advanced" formulations. I still plan comparison tests in
> spite of the so-called objective report mentioned in a previous report.
> Back on track -- this week, Sam's in Plano (Coit Road store) had advanced
> formula Energizer batteries:
>         (6) 9-volt batteries            8.97
>         (20) "AA" cells                 9.98
> Much cheaper than regular formula in most stores.
> Ralph

Fry's has boxes of 40 Sanyo AA's for $15.00.

I noticed at the meeting you had some Radio Shack rechargeable phone
batteries. How do you charge them? It seems like that'd be an economical way
to power robots...

- -Reeves

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