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DPRG: contest floor

Subject: DPRG: contest floor
From: Ed Koffeman edk at cyberramp.net
Date: Thu Feb 11 08:04:23 CST 1999

Hi, David.
>Guys, have you thought about tar paper? Black, usually, and thick enough
>not to wrinkle with standard size 'bots. Might also be known as felt paper,
>comes in rolls (possible end curling) or possibly roof underlay.
This was the first thing I though of, but I assume that if we put it on a
floor and then walk on it, the tar will come off onto the floor and be
difficult to clean, being tar. Though it might be interesting to use it like
carbon paper and see where the robots have gone...

 Oh, I'm
>told the 'white
>stuff used under the rabbit cages' or on bathrooms
>is marlite. (Thanks Honey) Think the rolls of tar paper,etcetra are 4'
>wide, unsure of length. Also linoleum or floor tiles might work, though
>expensive. Or linoleum underlay. I dunno. Just thoughts.

I'm not familiar with the linoleum underlay - is it tar based?

Ed Koffeman


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