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DPRG: PIC Programmers

Subject: DPRG: PIC Programmers
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Fri Feb 12 22:24:42 CST 1999


I think programmers price varys a lot due to different goals of the
If all you want is a compatable programmer that will program many
differnet PICs from the same family as the 16F84. I'd recommend two.

1. Contact James Vroman at Tech Tools in Garland or at the DPRG meetings
    They picked up the Parallax emulators and I think also the programmer.
(??) If not get it from Parallax. It is compatable with all their code and
very dependable.

2. I built several programmer and finally bought a development board with
one on it from WIRZ.COM. the DT101 development board. Then built the kit.
It has a mother board approache to using small MPU and I/O boards that are
based on the PC 30 pin memory board format which is called the SS-30 bus.
(Si-Studios founded it therefore the SS)

3. If you build your own, supply power vs parasitic from 232 or parallel
port connectors. Regulate power, and use a schematic that is proven. Many
you can get from the web for the commercial product you would buy. But
then its easier and moral to just buy their PCB, kit, or programmer.

My point of view.
Robert JOrdan

Robert wrote:

> What qualities should I look for when buying a PIC programmer?
> Can I get a decent one for under $100?
> Why do they vary so much in price?
> Where can I get one in the Dallas Area?
> Are there used ones available somewhere?
> How many PICs does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
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