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DPRG: Robots, what else?

Subject: DPRG: Robots, what else?
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Sat Feb 13 02:27:16 CST 1999

Robert L. Jordan wrote:

> Reeves,                                                         m
> Where are you going to school and who is your awsome teacher.. These type
> teachers need their names advertized!

Cistercian, next to Univ. of Dallas (near Texas Stadium). I'm a senior this
year. All upper school students get to take an elective course. I asked Fr.
Mark (the computer wizard, who used to be on a nuclear sub before he became a
priest) if I could take his computer elective but use the time to learn how to
use microcontrollers. He agreed. He can answer most of my questions (or tell me
to RTFM :). Rumor has it that next year (after I graduate) he's planning to
offer a robotics elective. I'll give him DPRG's address.

> On the IR sensors, and James Vroman. He is the king, the lead guy on line
> followers. I think his robot should draw the line the rest of us try to
> follow! He gave me a circuit and lots of great advice. I think he actully
> intended to share his knowledge and did not seem to want anything in return.
> Go easy on him OK!-)

Page seems to be under construction. Waaah! Oh well, it's 2:16 AM and I
probably should turn off the soldering iron...

> Here is some info he has given others. Contact him for the goodies.

Cool! I think I saw this particular bot (delta arrangement of IR sensors on the
bottom) at the first meeting I stumbled into. It was running around on a dry
erase board and getting confused over the mean things the evil humans did to
its line.

> > Through a combination of a very awesome computer teacher (who's letting
> > me take 2 periods/week to work on 'bots) and less attention to homework
> > than I probably ought to pay, I've gotten the basic frame for my
> > line-following entry built. It's controlled by a 4 MHz PIC16F84
> > (actually the 16C84 with flash memory, before they renamed it the F84).
> > Two wheels pull it, attached directly to strong but slow motors. There's
> > a clumsy trailer wheel to keep the opposite end of the board off the
> > ground. It's powered by 4 AA batteries. The motors are individually
> > switchable (that's how it turns). The test program for the PIC just
> > switches the motors on and off alternately, which runs a really funky
> > zig-zag pattern.
> >

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