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DPRG: Contest pics

Subject: DPRG: Contest pics
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Sun Feb 14 14:53:55 CST 1999


David Philip Anderson wrote:
> Howdy DPRG
> Well, I guess I'll post this again, posted last week but didn't seem to
> get any hits.  For reasons unclear to me, about the time I joined DPRG
> the newsletters and updating of the web page came to a stop.  A request

Aha!  I wondered what happened to the newsletters and webpage!  ;-)

Seriously though, I think we just suffered from lack of volunteer labor.
Most of us seem to go through spurts of time that we can devote to this
time-consuming hobby and whenever there are not enough of us spurting
at a given time we seem to ebb.

> went out from Clay for details concerning my 'bot, so I took some time
> off and wrote a pdf/html document with lots of pictures and drawings.
> I submitted it more than a year ago but it seems to have disappeared
> into the ether.  Finally last summer I got a request from the SRS folks
> for some info, so I sent it to them and they had it up on their web
> site within the week. 

I remember seeing your paper on the SRS webpage, but I don't think
I ever saw it locally.  I printed it out in full color and enjoyed
pouring over it many, many times.  I suppose I'm just as guilty as
others as far as not giving you proper feedback about it.

> Same thing seems to have happened to the last two contests, a source of
> interest to me because I did well in a couple of entries.  I took some
> time over Christmas and generated mpeg movies of the contest and jpegs
> of each robot and it's builder, with an html document to tie them
> together. 
> I'd like to submit these to the DPRG web page, but I'm not certain who's
> in charge right now.  Collectively it is about 50 Meg of stuff.  I
> currently have them on line thru the SMU geology server, where I can
> leave them for a while.  I've made a CD which I can snail-mail to the
> web master.  Is this of interest to the group?

Of course it's of interest!  We all love just about anything Robot
related that we can get our hands on!  ;-)

We may not have enough hard-drive space available to us to put all
the MPEGs online right now -- I'm not sure though.  We have had
some discussion about the group buying an extra hard-drive for our
generous web-hoster so that we could really make available all the
nifty images and video.  Are you able to leave them there long 
enough for the DPRG webpage to just link to them there until we
work something out with NCC regarding increased webspace?

Right now Jim Brown is the official webmaster and I think he's also
trying to put together a DPRG CDROM with lots of RoboVids on it.
If you'd like to mail the CDROM to me (address below) I can get it
to him pretty easily, or if you're able to make it to the next
meeting (3/6/99) we'd love to see it.  Several of us can duplicate
CDROMs at a buck-a-piece or so.

> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dprg_01.html
> you can also get to this through
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/myrobots.html
> which includes the aforementioned pdf and html documents.
> cheers,
> dpa

I think you may have moved some of the images the "myrobots.html"
refers to.  Instead of your images being where the webpage seems to
be looking for them:



They seem to be:


But that may just be the result of the route that I took to get
to the "myrobots.html" webpage.

I'd say it looks pretty good though.

Please don't think that we don't care!  ;-)))


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