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DPRG: arobot

Subject: DPRG: arobot
From: Sean Jones shain at noln.com
Date: Mon Feb 15 08:07:54 CST 1999

Woa,  Acrylic is very heavy.  Usualy very expensive too,  and 3x4ft piece
of acrylic whee i like is $44.  COuldn;'t imagine what a block would be,
if they even make it.  May have beter luck with plexiglass,  or a blown
piece,  heat it up in a oven,  get the object you want,  and pull it over
when on a vacumm.

- - Shain

Vicki Taylor wrote:

> Roger:)
> I was hoping to put an acrylic sculpture on top of the arobot.
> Sounds like I would have to much weight.   I could adjust the weight
> but not to 2 lbs.   I still am interested in arobot, just will travel
> down a different avenue with the acrylic.
> Did I say sheets of acrylic I mean slabs, blocks that would be cut,
> torched, grinded into sculpture.   Thanks for the acrylic lead though,
> I think they will probably work.
> ==
> Vicki Taylor
> vicktay at yahoo.com
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