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DPRG: web page

Subject: DPRG: web page
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Mon Feb 15 13:58:28 CST 1999


> David Philip Anderson wrote:
>> Howdy DPRG
>> Well, I guess I'll post this again, posted last week but didn't seem to
>> get any hits.  For reasons unclear to me, about the time I joined DPRG
>> the newsletters and updating of the web page came to a stop.  A request
>Aha!  I wondered what happened to the newsletters and webpage!  ;-)

Hmmmm... is it me?

> I remember seeing your paper on the SRS webpage, but I don't think
> I ever saw it locally.  I printed it out in full color and enjoyed
> pouring over it many, many times.  I suppose I'm just as guilty as
> others as far as not giving you proper feedback about it.

Oh, not that I need it!  I actually have gotten quite a bit of feedback
and queries from the article, just all from the SRS people and their
minions.  But I sort of did the thing for my own clan, ya know.

> We may not have enough hard-drive space available to us to put all
> the MPEGs online right now -- I'm not sure though.  We have had
> some discussion about the group buying an extra hard-drive for our
> generous web-hoster so that we could really make available all the

I think 8 gig IDE drives are running about $200 right now, 50 meg is
not a significant chunk of change anymore.

> nifty images and video.  Are you able to leave them there long 
> enough for the DPRG webpage to just link to them there until we
> work something out with NCC regarding increased webspace?

I can leave them here for a while if you'd like to just make a link.
I don't how long. (I don't want to abuse the privilege.)

> I think you may have moved some of the images the "myrobots.html"
> refers to.  Instead of your images being where the webpage seems to
> be looking for them:
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/myrobots.html
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/sr04.jpg
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/can2.jpg
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/qt2.jpg
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/threecan.jpg
> They seem to be:
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/robots/sr04.jpg
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/robots/can2.jpg
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/robots/qt2.jpg
> 	http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/dprg/dpa/robots/threecan.jpg
> But that may just be the result of the route that I took to get
> to the "myrobots.html" webpage.

Actually they are at both places.  I made duplicates so that I could dump
all to the CD and then (at some later date) remove the dprg directory and
still have my own 'bots page online.  Does this cause problems?

> I'd say it looks pretty good though.

Well thanks.  I was trying to showcase the robots and their performance.  
Single images of the robots really don't really tell the tale.  You've
got to see them in action!  Ed's video is probably the best way to view,
but we're bound to get many more web hits from the curious.



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