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DPRG: News letter Help

Subject: DPRG: News letter Help
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Tue Feb 16 00:44:50 CST 1999

1. Do you want a newletter on the web?
2. Do you want to help put a newsletter togather?

I assume the number of readers answering yes to Number 1 are much higher
than the number of readers answering yes to Number2. Why is that?

I won't ask you to do all the work or even all of one article. Just be a
web newsletter reporter for me out there and get me some "copy".

I'll be the glue that holds the thing togather but I gotta have some
ideas, some text describing what you want to share and see put togather.

If you have all or part of an article or just the start to a good topic
and a good lead on more info, let me know. I have access to a digitial
camara to the the pictures.

Here are some ideas to get you going. Lots of you respond to me and we
have got the first 2-3 newsletters on the way

Idea #1:
- --------
What would you like to see in the newslette?

Idea #2:
- --------
Would you like to see your robot on the web? Would you write a
description of your robot, why you choose to do it, and let me get a

Idea #3:
- --------
Would you write lots of an article if I would help you get it finished?
How about if I give you a reward for submitting a pretty much completed
article? Yes a prize of a fiscal value!

Idea #4:
- --------
I'd like to see a list of club members info. I've been around a year and
still can't ID those that like BS2s and 16F84 PICs, my favorite MPUs.

If you like the idea fill in this form and send it. I'll include in the
next newsletter. (The news letter will be published when we get enough
info to fill several pages.)
club members info

 email address

 city and side of town

 MPU/CPUs that you are active with what you
 like to do relating to robotics

 Your favorite club activity
 (other than the refreshments)

 Your favorite robot from a club member

 The robot you would build if Ed Koffman would program it and Barry
Jordan would machine it and you had the $500 you been hoping for.
 (Keep it short. EX: R2D2 look and work alike only with a pop out stool
and toolbox. PC Pentium 2 MPEG video on color LCD screen, working hand
that could shake hands and was "warm" to touch.)

 Other Idea:

Robert Jordan
(1/10 of Jim Brown's replacement. How did he ever do all that stuff, is
he twins?)


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