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DPRG: web page - Solution Proposal

Subject: DPRG: web page - Solution Proposal
From: Roger Arrick rarrick at ix.netcom.com
Date: Tue Feb 16 15:46:38 CST 1999

- -------DPRG web page maintanence proposal----------

Ok folks, Jim has done a great job getting the DPRG web site going.
Now, lets find a way to make the site self perpetuating. Most of
us have plenty of good content that can be donated.  There's no
sense in killing a single person with this.  Let's go the "distributed"
/ "non-centeralized" way like the Internet is known for.

So here's my suggestion.  (first draft - please pile on)

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
**1** Each member will have a section of web site to show off their
projects and write a little text.  The member page will become
the main index to this huge load of great content.
A single person will collect content and ftp it to the server.
OR, maybe there is a way we can make a password deal that allows
memebers to get into their section.  A few Java apps with password
checking, file size checking/etc web page creation from content.

**2** Regularly the pres will write his stuff about the direction
of the club/etc and place it in the "president's" section.
Possibly sections for secretry, treasurer, librarian, mail list 
maintainer (see below), etc.

**3** No need for a "newsletter", all this member and president/officer
content, plus the mail list is all we need.  Forget the traditional
"newsletter" thingy.

**4** A single person is assigned to handle the mail list issues,
and write a mail list faq.
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

This plan will cause the DPRG web site to become the best robot club
website because it will be built by ALL of us, not just one overworked

There is a self-maintaining web site like this that I think
is so cool at:


You make an entry and web pages are automatically created right
then!  It really works great.
If we can't get anyone in the group to do the java, I'm sure
this guy would do it reasonably.  Sounds like a GREAT use of 
the MONEY everyone has been talking about.  

There it is, flame away! :)


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