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Subject: DPRG: Re: WANTED:
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Tue Feb 16 17:00:20 CST 1999

Jim Brown wrote:
> Someone to take over the web pages and mail server.

(much snipped)

> Maybe someone else will think it's fun to work
> hard and then take abuse and do it.  No good deed
> goes unpunished ya know.

This is a very powerful illustration of the kind of thing that can
happen when a club tries to do too much for it's membership.  Jim is and
has been in the year or two that I've been hanging around DPRG a
tireless and enthusiastic member who has now hit his limit.

I don't feel that the comments made about the webpage, list server and
newsletter over the last few days were directed at Jim personally, but
since Jim DOES all those duties, it's easy to feel singled out.

People toss around ideas and come up with good ones.  People like Jim
take it upon themselves to try to implement these ideas and before long,
they are wearing too many hats.  Mothers are well known for doing this. 
We tell them "Don't take on more than you think you can do." but they
reply, "Well, it's not hard to do this one thing and everybody will
appreciate it."

That "one thing" is added to the myriad of other "just one things" and
before long, it's a full time job plus overtime with no help or pay. 
Being a giving person like Jim means that, for reasons that are hard to
justify, asking for help does not seem an option.  Afterall, they
volunteered to do this.  Unfortunately, if they ask for no help, they
get no help, and eventually the break under the load and suffer the
equivalent of a mother's nervous breakdown.  Only then does the club
populous (or family, in that example) realize the extent of the problem.

Maintaining a substantial website with content is a full time job, a job
that should be coordinated by one person or a SMALL committee, much like
we are doing with contest rules.  This helps the site maintain it's

Submissions and corrections could be addressed to a this
webmaster/comittee who would farm out content chores to a loosely
defined "staff" of HTML-familiar members, all via email.  This staff
should rotate duties OFTEN enough to both avoid individual burnout and
to provide a pool of semi-talented people who can fill in for each other
as needed.

I think we need a public newsletter of sorts on our website, but I'm not
sure it has to be a formal "newsletter".  Maybe a place where newsletter
articles, submissions from members, etc can be posted easily, maybe even
by the members.

I am willing to volunteer a percentage of my free time to these pursuits
and I suspect that with some coordination, other people would be willing
to volunteer a small part of their time as well.

Robert Singleton


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