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DPRG: web page - Solution Proposal

Subject: DPRG: web page - Solution Proposal
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Tue Feb 16 17:44:51 CST 1999

Roger Arrick wrote:
> Most of
> us have plenty of good content that can be donated.  There's no
> sense in killing a single person with this.  Let's go the "distributed"
> / "non-centeralized" way like the Internet is known for.

> **1** Each member will have a section of web site to show off their
> projects and write a little text.  

And obviously, links to their own homepages so that the DPRG site
doesn't have 18 1024x768x24bit BMPs of their latest 'bot...

> A single person will collect content and ftp it to the server.

or a group of people so that one person doesn't get overwhelmed...

> **2** Regularly the pres will write his stuff about the direction
> of the club/etc and place it in the "president's" section.
> Possibly sections for secretry, treasurer, librarian, mail list
> maintainer (see below), etc.

I like this... it replaces the newsletter, per se...

> **3** No need for a "newsletter", all this member and president/officer
> content, plus the mail list is all we need.  Forget the traditional
> "newsletter" thingy.

The value of a newsletter is largely public.  The mail list is where we
get all our daily news and content, but the public needs a broader, less
context-dependant interface to us and part of our charter is to educate
the public about robotics.

> **4** A single person is assigned to handle the mail list issues,
> and write a mail list faq.

Once again, a small group of people rather than a single one...

> This plan will cause the DPRG web site to become the best robot club
> website because it will be built by ALL of us, not just one overworked
> publisher.

Here, here!!

Robert Singleton


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