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DPRG: Newsletter rantings

Subject: DPRG: Newsletter rantings
From: Larry Kerns l.kerns at worldnet.att.net
Date: Tue Feb 16 21:00:39 CST 1999

Everybody needs to lay off Jim.  I'm the guilty party!  I was elected
secretary last year and responsible for the newsletter.  I fully
intended to do a good job and actually got out a fairly decent
newsletter (I think, anyway) but the ole' story about too many company
work hours required that finally culminated in me being transferred to
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  David sent his robot writeup to me and I had a
brilliant article made up about his bot and ready to go but never got a
chance to finish the newsletter.  Please address hate mail to:

l.kerns at worldnet.att.net

Jim, you did a terrific job and everything was going great until you
turned over the reins.  Sorry you had to draw my flack.

Larry "Now at a safe distance" Kerns


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