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DPRG: Contest Floor Feedback Needed

Subject: DPRG: Contest Floor Feedback Needed
From: Ed Koffeman edk at cyberramp.net
Date: Wed Feb 17 11:11:52 CST 1999

Hi all.

Last night at the RBNO we looked at a carpet at Lowe's that looks to be
ideal for the contest floor.

It is pure black, low pile, rubber backed and relatively cheap.  It is sold
as "Car Carpet" for automotive use.

The only problem I can see with it is that it comes in 6-foot width.

We can run a full 24-foot length down the course, and then have 4 pieces of
2-foot by 6-foot joined beside it to get the main part of the course
covered.  The Tee would be one 6x8 foot piece and a 2x8 foot piece. (There
are other ways, too, but you get the idea)

Or, we could try to get an 8-foot wide piece of the carpet from another

Otherwise, we could change the course dimensions to fit the carpet.

The walls are in 4-foot lengths right now, so there would be some waste
there, or we could cut 2 of the panels in half.

I'd like to know who would have a problem with changing the course layout to
be 6 feet wide rather than eight

We could make all dimensions that are now 8 feet and change them to 6 feet.
This would give an overall length of 18 feet instead of 24, and a width of
12 feet instead of 16.

It is very late to make any such changes, but I want to float the idea
anyway to see who is sleeping and who is awake.

My instinct is to stay with the 8-foot dimensions and live with the pieces
needing to be joined up.  I thknk it will lay flat and the joints will not
be a problem.  .  I know Herky-Jerky is fairly large, and I'd like to keep
the contest open to large robots.  I also like the 8-foot width because it
allows a lot of flexibility in the future, for adding an "Island" for

What do you think?

Ed Koffeman


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