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Subject: DPRG: Re: DPRG
From: Gary Croll gary.croll at ucr.edu
Date: Wed Feb 17 04:28:06 CST 1999

>Has anybody got the latest issue of the Robotic Digest? or MicroComputer
>Me , I havn't got either issue yet, it has been a while.
>Dan Mathias
>Future-Bot Components

I haven't gotten an issue in about a year. He still owes me 2 issues of
Robotics Digest. It looks like this is one more robotics magazine we can
add to to the list of defunct publications.

Over the last 12 years or so I've subscribed, (and paid my money), to
probably a dozen robotics and electronics related magazines, only to have
them disappear after a few issues with no refund and generally no explanation.

Sorry if I sound bitter but this seems to turning into a big con game with
some of these people. Advertise heavily a "new magazine", collect
subscriptions for 6 months, publish an issue or two, and then disappear
into the night with the money.

So much for Mr. Gates and his magic press.

Gary Croll (KE6GHS)
University of Ca.
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