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DPRG: Contest Floor Feedback Needed

Subject: DPRG: Contest Floor Feedback Needed
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Wed Feb 17 15:51:52 CST 1999

Ed Koffeman wrote:

> It is pure black, low pile, rubber backed and relatively cheap.  It is sold
> as "Car Carpet" for automotive use.

Sounds like a nice surface to run on...

> Or, we could try to get an 8-foot wide piece of the carpet from another
> source.

Personally, I think it's going to be hard enough keeping the splice
between the major axes of the T-Time course flat and true.  A bunch of
long splices is asking for lots of trouble.  Big bots will stress the
splices, small bots will get hung up on minor splices.

> We could make all dimensions that are now 8 feet and change them to 6 feet.
> This would give an overall length of 18 feet instead of 24, and a width of
> 12 feet instead of 16.

The ability to run in a smaller space is pretty good.... I like the
current dimensions, but I have no similarly large space to test with, so
a smaller space will do me no harm.

I would like to reserve the ability to place an island or other
"permanent" obstacle in the course someday, but nothing says it has to
be a very wide island...

> It is very late to make any such changes, but I want to float the idea
> anyway to see who is sleeping and who is awake.

singing, "He knows when you are sleeping; he knows when you're awake..."

> My instinct is to stay with the 8-foot dimensions and live with the pieces
> needing to be joined up.  I thknk it will lay flat and the joints will not
> be a problem.

To clarify what I mentioned before, reducing the dimensions of the
courses would allow us to carpet the interior of the course with only
one splice. 

My robots (to date) have not been particularly large, so the reduction
in course size will not unduly affect me and may actually better reflect
the test areas available to me, but I don't (yet) have a D-bot or Otto
sized machine.

Robert Singleton


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