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DPRG: Robot Defintion?

Subject: DPRG: Robot Defintion?
From: John Alway jalway at icsi.net
Date: Thu Feb 18 10:39:26 CST 1999

Gary Croll wrote:
> At last night's meeting of The Robotics Club on Yahoo, an interesting
> problem came up. What is the definition of a robot? Many versions were
> discussed but bottom line is we couldn't agree on a definition. If we don't
> know what a robot is, how do we know when we've built one?

> Is this the old adage, "I can't describe it but I know it when I see it".

> Does DPRG have an agreed on definition of ROBOT?

       I don't know if DPRG has a definition, but here is one I worked
on a month or so back since I wasn't happy with the dictionary version:

        Robot -- a physical device that has sensors, actuators, and a
brain that are integrated and directed toward a sensible behavior or
behaviors, which are supplied to it by man.

       That was the best I could do!

       I'd be interested in seeing other definitions.



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