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Subject: [Fwd: DPRG: Line Follower Conditions]
From: alan sosbe wsdc at hotmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 16 16:49:46 CST 1999

>1. Will it be OK that we will be loud and long with a large crowd, next 
meeting, >March 6, 1999.  If not how about a different (later?) start 
time or different date. (If the BPI testing is only the Saturday of the 
month that we meet we can likely change the date of both club meetings 
(NTMG and DPRG) to another date!

BPI testing is not a factor for the target weekend.  I have spoken with 
the head of the testing dept and we have agreed on a room schedule for 
those who will be taking tests.  They will be far away from the lab.

>2. What are the lighting conditions. Commercial yellow, green, or white 
florescent lights. Argon gas gym lighting. Tungsten, etc.

Hg vapor.

>3. Is the lighting intensity adjustable? (People like it bright, robots 
like it dim or a consistant pre tested level)

The lighting is adjustable via two settings--ON and OFF.  I have two 
halogen tree type lamps on the balcony.  If the normal lighting is too 
bright we can turn it OFF and use the trees--about 2000 watts total 
light power.  

alan sosbe 

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