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DPRG: feedback

Subject: DPRG: feedback
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 16:17:18 CST 1999

> From: David Philip Anderson [mailto:dpa at io.isem.smu.edu]
> (As an aside, DPRG President Clay's guide-lines from Sat Nov 14, 1998,
> for designing a DPRG robot contest, rule #17, specifies:  
> 	"17)  Contestants   5 minimum"
> Not 2 minimum.  Or even 3.  Same holds true for can collecting. 
> Most of our members run the TTime and now defunct Quick-Trip.  
> Just an observation)

I look at it this way: by making the arena simpler, we open up 
a class of robots (and human builders) that otherwise could not
(or WOULD not) compete.  Example: High school (or younger) kids 
with a Lego Mindstorm.  I built my line following Lego 'bot last 
night.  (Including code in ~ 4 hours.)  Not tested YET.  :-)

I'll bet there are many more PEOPLE that could build a robot to
compete in a black floor, white line following contest than
could make a robot to compete in Can-Can.

I believe that until we have > 50 competetors in all the contests,
we should keep it as simple as possible to encourage newcomers
to give it a try instead of trying to scare them off with a more
difficult challenge.  *AND* someone (Ed?) suggested, have a more
"real world" challenge for those experienced / brave enough to try.

I think our current 3 contests meet that perfectly except that
Can-Can my be too simple (for some with experience).

Line Follower - simple
T-Time - simple to medium
Can-Can - Medium [to difficult?]

I plan on having at least one robot in each contest with some
robots doing double or triple duty.

				- Dan Miner


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