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DPRG: OS question.

Subject: DPRG: OS question.
From: Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir
Date: Fri Feb 19 23:46:34 CST 1999

 I'd like to see both. I have written some things in C and assembly too.
I have a simple graphical program in C that uses timer interrupt to
switch between some functions (it is a simple war between two group of
robots!), the main problem (unsolved yet) was using system hardware such
as HDD. I like protected mode too, Reeves may I have the source code?

DP>I have a casual interest in OS'es. I've toyed with my own microkernel (boots
DP>sets up flat-model protected mode, prints stuff on the screen, and halts). I
DP>you do release it, I'd like to see it.


DP>Wade Maxfield wrote:

DP>>   I have written a cooperative multitasking OS in C.  There is no assembly
DP>> code to it.  Some assembly would be required to put it on an arbitrary
DP>> cpu.
DP>>   My question is this:  Would anyone on this list be interested in it?  I
DP>> would be releasing it as GPL after a short period of clean up and trim
DP>> down from its current deployment status.
DP>> wade

 Hamid Reza Badili
  mailto:ferialb at www.dci.co.ir


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