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DPRG: linear features

Subject: DPRG: linear features
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Sat Feb 20 15:04:50 CST 1999

David Philip Anderson wrote:

> Did you happen to see the "Robots Alive" special from a year ago
> or so, hosted by Alan Alda (of "MASH" fame)?  They featured an autonomous
> car that worked essentially by recognizing "linear features" rather than
> any kind of lines per se.  So it could track on stripes on the hiway,
> curbs, cracks in the asphalt, edges of the road, anything.

(some snipped)

> Most of our line followers are actually edge detectors.  How does one
> truly define a line?  What is required to robustly identify one,
> independent of it's width, color, contrast, etc?  Evidently somebody
> has already solved this problem, with a PC no less.  Can we do the same?

This is the (vaporware) concept of my still-as-yet unamed Linux based
robot.  The QuickCam software grabs an image, can preprocess it with
edge detection and outputs it in ppm format, which I can process even
with sed and/or awk if necessary.

	[robert at slugbot:~]$ qcam | grep line | motor_control)

If only it were really that simple...)



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