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DPRG: Incompetent software

Subject: DPRG: Incompetent software
From: Ralph Tenny rten at polaris.nstar.net
Date: Sun Feb 21 15:50:26 CST 1999

I have just experienced the most incompetent software I have ever 
seen, and I have been working with and around computers since at least 

I recently purchased a Lexmark 1100. I confirmed that the printer was 
claimed to be compatible with Windows 3.1, and is claimed "up to 3.5 
ppm" printing speed in B/W. Installation offered little problems, and 
the hardware appears to be functioning normally.

However, even though a test page zipped out fairly rapidly, the real 
printing speed seems to be more like 40 minutes per page. Documentation, 
printed from the CD, was incompetently formatted and some of it 
defaulted to Notepad. As a result, a 5k file required 27 pages to 
print. To be fair, most of the text files gave printing options.

All I wanted was 600 dpi printing density. If I count all the lost time, it 
might have been cheaper to buy a laser printer!


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