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DPRG: contest carptet (2nd try)

Subject: DPRG: contest carptet (2nd try)
From: Ed Koffeman edk at cyberramp.net
Date: Sun Feb 21 23:41:11 CST 1999

>An idea: Do you think if we put metal edging on the bottom of the carpet
>glued it togather that the edges would stay crisp and make different setups
>easier and longer lasting? We could still use tape on the bottom but it
would be
>easier to get off and not "pull" or unravel the carpet. There would be a
>rise but edges would be and stay crisp.

I kinda cringe at the thought of kneeling on the metal edging by accident.
I think it would get bent over as soon as someone steps on it.

I don't think the edges will be a problem even if just taped.

Ed Koffeman


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