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DPRG: Contest details

Subject: DPRG: Contest details
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Tue Feb 23 08:54:28 CST 1999

> 12)  Host  (emcee)
> Help!  We need a vibrant witty type of person to fill in this spot.
> Someone like a Disc Jockey or Sports Commentator.
> Any ideas?  If not I will post a newsgroup message to find
> someone.  Cannot be a contestant.

Delynda has offered her services.

> 13)  Three judges
> Who volunteered at the last meeting?

I was one of them.

I think Barry was one of the others.

> 14)  Judges assistant
> Help! Critical position needs filling.  This person must shuffle paperwork
> to and from the three judges.  Scoring should also be checked for
> consistency.

Delynda also offered help here.

> 15)  Official timekeeper
> Help!  Simple job. Just bring a stopwatch and you will get to sit in the
> front row. Could use a second person doing this as a backup.

> 20)  Special awards   youngest, fastest, smallestÂ…
> Judges responsibility.  If these are planned in advance
> we can print certificates at the meeting.

Oh, no, more work. :)  I'll start thinking about it. (Youngest robot or

> 21)  Video
> Ed Rivers?  Anyone else with camcorder/camera/digital camera
> is welcomed to take pictures and provide them for newsletter.
> 22)  Advertising
> I don't think we should advertise this one. I expect we will
> be at the room's capacity with just members/word of mouth.
> I'm hoping we can get a nice big venue for the "Talent Show"
> contest later this year.

I disagree.  Some advertising would be a good idea.  We will not get
"walk-ins" this time because of the location.

> 23)  Budget
> None.  No bank account yet.  We could pass the hat for
> a cash prize/prizes.  Myself and others in the club
> have reservations about awards to contest winners.
> These people have already built incredible robots.
> The people who need more incentives are the
> people who haven't built robots yet.  Big prizes
> need to be planned well in advance to inspire
> people.
> 24)  Reporter
> Help! We need a journalist to write up the contest newspaper
> style for the mailing list and/or newsletter.  Members who
> miss the contest or don't live in Dallas will appreciate
> reading first hand accounts of the contest.

I think we need to alert the TV people so they can send a camera to the
event, to hit 1 minute on the evening news.  It is publicity for the
club.  We also need the big DPRG signs in the room, from Pepsi



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