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DPRG: Cognitive Navigation Question

Subject: DPRG: Cognitive Navigation Question
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Wed Feb 24 16:31:09 CST 1999

At 10:14 AM 2/24/99 -0600, you wrote:
>If there is doubt about a particular robot's Cognitive Navigation because it
>doesn't display the capability during a run, then perhaps some proof might
>be required.  Otherwise, we will go with the statement by the Competitor
>that it does, on the entry form. (Clay?)
>Ed Koffeman

A video camera should get more points than a micro switch feeler!
The current Cognitive Navigation scoring doesn't allow for this. 
Every robot will get 10 points except for ones that dead recon.
Yet dead-reconing a T shaped course is much harder than wall
following with a micro-switch.  All line followers would get
10 points anyway.

     My recommendations:

All scoring should be based on judging, not on contestant's entry form.

Change scoring from 10 or nothing to 0-10, it's qualitative not yes/no.

Change the name to from Cognitive Navigation to Sensor Sophistication,
Evolutionary Scale, High Tech Factor, etc.

- -Clay Timmons-


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