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DPRG: PIC programmer/software thoughts?

Subject: DPRG: PIC programmer/software thoughts?
From: James, Bill w-james2 at ti.com
Date: Mon Jun 7 07:06:58 CDT 1999

I just finished building the DonTronics kit, and it works pretty good. Not
too expensive. Now I just need to finish milling parts to move to building
boards (cool) and writing programs( ugh). 


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>From: Jason Plumb [mailto:z9d58 at ttacs.ttu.edu]
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Subject: DPRG: PIC programmer/software thoughts?

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can easily obtain) with flexibility (ie. program a variety of
PICs).  I'm also only really interested in programming in C or assembly.

The DonTronics kit seems reasonable at $25, but cheaper is always better.
Because the schmatic is available, has anybody built this from scratch?
I've also seen other schematics, but most seem limited to a (single?) type
of PIC.

I believe that I've seen downloads for assemblers, but is there a free C
compiler lurking somewhere?  What utilities are available to drive the
programmer once I have built/purchased it?  Are there problems with using a
certain compiler or programming software with certain programmers?  Should
I stop obsessing and just break down and buy the DonTronics kit and
software for ~$45?  :)

Thanks in advance,

- -Jason


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